SQC has competence and resources to handle your tasks and solve your problems within the area of Non Destructive Testing, NDT. We can take on a complete assignment or participate as project managers, specialist or co-worker in our project. We will do it based on experiences from qualifications of previous inspections in Swedish and international nuclear power plants. We have experience mainly in the nuclear field but also from other areas, for example the aviation industry. The demand may vary, but the NDT techniques and the methods for quality assurance are independent of industrial trade.

We can for example assist you in:

  • Clarify prerequisites, demands and criteria’s that are valid for purchase of NDT
  • Suggest suitable testblocks for testing and verification of testing systems
  • Offer advice on inspection methods advantages and limitations
  • Ensure if there is a previously qualified inspection system that can be used in conjunction with repairs or manufacturing inspections
  • Assess the effect and credibility of suggested or performed inspections
  • Participate as technical advisor when assessing inspection companies
  • Build qualification systems, strategies and procedures for new components
  • Contribute with competence and resources for other qualification boards or participate in qualifications as a impartial reviewer and assessor
  • Assess if a qualification performed in Sweden can be used in other countries